PMM Query Analytics doesn't work in My RDS

Hi all,
I’m try to connect my PMM with my RDS instance both of them is in AWS .
PMM installed Amazon market , the only mensage i had is this
“There is no query data because the MySQL Server is not configured for monitoring. For details about the required configuration, see Configuring MySQL for Percona Monitoring and Management in PMM documentation.”
i following the instructions but still show me this error .

mysql> SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'performance_schema';0
| Variable_name | Value |
| performance_schema | ON |

Any idea?

doc : and

Hi sowe

Can you give us the output of
show global variables like ‘long_query_time’;

we want this to be very small, ideally 0.

Also visit the Dashboard named _PMM Query Analytics Settings and verify that the RDS instance is configured to be monitored for query activity.

I am having the same issue … I see no “_PMM Query Analytics”

I am using PMM v2 the AMI version in AWS.

Hi @zerg2k

_PMM Query Analytics Settings is from PMM 1, and no longer exists.

If you’re looking to add an RDS instance, you should use the Add Instance button under the PMM menu, and it will look like this:

You can view the health of your instances by examining the PMM Inventory dashboard:

As navigation changed considerably between versions, in PMM 2 you should see a dedicated Query Analytics button on the top right display: