PMM Server installation on a closed network


Is it possible to get an RPM distribution of pmm-server? I would like to install it on an instance running RHEL 8 that does not have direct internet access.

@ltouve , you can try Docker - Percona Monitoring and Management as the rpm for pmm-server are not officially supported and can be changed/dropped ay moment.

@ltouve Just to expand on Roma’s answer, you can do the following:

# On machine with internet
docker pull percona/pmm-server:latest

# Then export the image to a tarball and copy it to the air-gapped machine
docker save -o pmm-server.tar percona/pmm-server:latest
scp pmm-server.tar user@internalpmm.server:~/

# Import the container image and start it like normal
docker load -i pmm-server.tar