How to install PMN on real hardware, no VM, Docker, AWS

We want to install PMM on real hardware. No VM, docker, AWS. Does anyone have the instructions for what needs to be installed ? The only method of deployment is VM, Docker, AWS. We will not use PMM if that is the only way to install it.

I have a machine only for pmm, running into a docker. I think it’s not a bad solution, and it’s very easy to install.
What is the problem?

One option, maybe to run docker, and extract the data with a similar command to:

docker cp pmm-server:/ /datafoldercopy/

I dont think its possible to install the PMM on real hardware, since the PMM architecture build from many tech stack eg: consul, orchestrator, built in query analytics. That’s why Percona give docker image, or in AWS marketplace service. It’s ready to use service to make easier for user…:slight_smile:

I just started to look at PMM2 to see if there is a VM image. There is not that I can see. As to docker, not everyone is on board with that. For me, a VM is easier to deal with than dealing with docker. If PMM2 is only available in a docker image/AWS, I will not be recommending PMM to anyone.

Hi there, rickymouse, sorry to disappoint you on this. We’re aware that there’s a call for RPM/deb based distribution, but it’s not available right now, so no you can’t recommend it to users who’d need that format.

However, as the product is open source (and free) we’d welcome community contributions to release PMM Server as RPM/deb.