PMM Query count keeps increasing - performance_schema

I have latest PMM version (today upgraded from 1.8.0 to 1.9.0) running in Amazon AWS monitoring few RDS Aurora instances via performance_schema. Server installed using AMI provided by Percona. Weird thing is that PMM monitoring itself puts unusually high load to the database servers. Over the time SELECT query count from PMM just keeps increasing. Eventually query analytics TOP is filled with queries by PMM. To illustrate constantly increasing query count here is a screenshot from cloudwatch showing SELECT query count for the period of 2 weeks on 2 of our DB instances. The drop on 04/02 was me restarting PMM server.

Anyone experience similar issues?

Hello siimk we’d like to take a closer look at this. Could you enter the full details into our tracking system at (you can set up an account there and it will provide fields for all the details we need)? That would be great.

And thank you for getting in touch.

sure will do.