PMM Query Analytics does not add new awsRDS instances

PMM instalation from AWS IAM

after add new aws rds instance ( pmm - pmm add instance ) they displayed in the home dashboard ( with all metrics ) but not added to PMM QA.


Can you assist ?

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also try to add with mysql - pmm user and aws rds db super-user = the result is the same

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Sorry for delay in replies (holidays!). Is this still an issue? It does typically take time for QAN data to start populating. Also after scanning AWS for instances and selecting the instance to add did you check the box (or it leave it checked) for “Use performance schema”?

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Hi Steve! thank you for reply
i tried different options and i got localize the problem.
If i add mysql-server (aws rds ( like rds or externalMysql) or mysql server via externalMysql = all works perfect
If i try tu add amazon aurora instance - the no to be avavible in tthe QAN

PMM server installed from AWS IAM and from Docker, same result.

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Hi @NazarD,

Could you check PMM Inventory page / Agents Tab?
Can you see QAN agent there and what is the status of QAN agent?

Thank you.

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Hi Nurlan,

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Thank you @NazarD ,

Could you execute following query on Aurora instance and check if you have any value there?
Select * from performance_schema.events_statements_summary_by_digest

Also could you check logs of pmm-agent for errors? Can be downloaded by calling PMM_SERVER_URL/

Thank you

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Select * from performance_schema.events_statements_summary_by_digest ;
Empty set
I se error with aws aurora instances. like " Error 1054: Unknown column ’ . Probably is the aws bug?
pmm-agent.log (335.9 KB)

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Yeah looks like something wrong with aurora configuration.
Unknown column is not related to QAN as far as I see.