PMM installed but access URL not working


Installed the PMM successfully via “Easy Install Script” (Easy-install script - Percona Monitoring and Management)

And after the installation, the script suggest me three URLs to access the new server. But none of the URLs is working.

Below is the status of the PMM…

PMM Server:
URL : https:// Server IP:8443/
Version: 2.41.2

PMM Client:
Connected : true
Time drift : -3.772658ms
Latency : 5.060662ms
Connection uptime: 93.8
pmm-admin version: 2.41.2
pmm-agent version: 2.41.2
/agent_id/ vmagent Running 42000
/agent_id/ node_exporter Running 420 01

Please help.

Hello, as far as I can see everything is ok in your output.
Could you check firewalls?