Percona Platform linked site returns ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT

I correctly linked the pmm url to percona platform. When I click on the pmm url from the percona platform, I get ERR_CONECTION_TIMED_OUT. This keeps happening consistently. Not using any proxy. The pmm site works otherwise.

What could I be missing? Looked at the Details, none seem to apply to us.


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Going to make some workflow assumptions here so please correct me where I’m wrong…that could influence what the issue is:

You put your percona account username and token from the portal and connected the two successfully. when you go to Percona Portal and look at the “PMM instances” page you see a link to your PMM server, click it and get the connection timeout.

If I’m correct the only way for that to happen is that the hostname or IP and port combination is not reachable from the network your computer is on. Now I’m assuming that you are able to put the URL for your PMM directly in the browser and connect to it so that leads me to believe that the URL configured in PMM Settings → Advanced Settings → Public Address (which is what’s sent to the portal at registration) isn’t quite the same as what you use to actually connect to PMM. Because it’s a “connection timeout” issue I’m guessing that it’s port related vs DNS or IP as that would get more of a “DNS failed” or “Could not connect to host” error.

In my case, internally I access my PMM server using but externally I have to use because my provider blocks 80/443 from outside. So when I did the “get from browser” it did so without the 8443 so when I attempt to connect using the link from portal inside my network I have no issue, but when I attempt to do so from outside the network I get the timeout and have to manually add 8443 to the browser URL and viola. My solution should be to have it run internally and externally on 8443.

If you have more information or I made bad assumptions please share and we can maybe point to a better culprit.

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