PMM Grafana "template init failed" error while adding OS Metrics for AWS instance.

Hello we are trying to Add OS metrics for AWS RDS MySQL instance on PMM.
But it is giving "Template init failed " and “metrics error” while seeing.

But i am able to view all MySQL metrics and QAN for that particular AWS server.

I want to view OS metrics for AWS Instance and referred below link for the same.
but still facing the error.

Let me know if any of the steps left out while configuring.

Hi chaitanya.tondlekar , it sounds like you successfully configured the RDS MySQL node - can you share a screenshot of which graphs you expect to have working but are not? Be aware that RDS doesn’t expose the same level of OS metrics that a bare metal or EC2 instance would, so you should only expect to see the RDS dashboard functional. I’ve provided a link to our PMM Demo RDS MySQL 5.6 server, do you have populated graphs like this?

Hello Michael,

While selecting the Amazon Aurora/ Amazon RDS dashboard, its giving me the error attached in snapshot.

I have installed pmm server through docker on Ubuntu instance 16.04 which is an AWS EC2 instance.

Also second image for pmm-mysql-rds, the “sample test” instance is RDS. You can see that OS metrics is not available but MySQL metrics is available.

Please help me on this.

hello Michael Coburn can you help me on this as i have commented with the snapshots ?

It was the same situation. running pmm-server on ec2 in my case.
i assigned ‘CloudWatchReadOnlyAccess’ role to ec2 instance, then it works.

credential option ignored on ec2 instance.