PMM Client Error

failed to get settings: pq: column pg_stat_monitor_settings.setting does not exist

pmm client version is 2.36.0 (docker image)
Postgres deployed using percona operator version pgo-1.4.0

Hi @alifaraz7178,
I do not recommend using the pg v1 operator, especially the old version 1.4.0. PGO v1 reached EOL this month. We now have the v2 operator available: Percona Operator for PostgreSQL v2.3.1 Release Notes. Please try using it and provide us with your feedback.

Hi Slava,

We have updated the operator and enabled PMM but we have noticed that we might need to scale the cluster but I want to know how I can scale and make replicas as read replica as currently all the request go to primary not to replica pods.

Hi @alifaraz7178 Could you please provide your CR? Ans I need to know the operator versio.