Release Date Percona Operator for PostgreSQL 2.0.0

Hi there!
First things first: Thanks for the community and all your work. :slightly_smiling_face:

Regarding Percona Operator for PostgreSQL 2.0.0: I’m looking forward to an official release of the Helmchart for it.
Can I support the tech preview somehow and test things and give feedback somewhere? If I understood the changes correctly then that a possible upgrade path from 1.3.0 to 2.0.0 is quite breaking (?).
I could imagine to try out some possibilities and share my experience on the GitHub repository for it.

Thanks in Advance and have a happy Thursday!

Hi @sasi,

We do not have official helm chart for PostgreSQL 2.0.0. We will create it in next release.
We are waiting for your feedback.
You can find official documentation here:

GitHub repo:

If you have any feedback about docs or the operator itself, feel free to create tasks for us. Jira project is K8SPG .

If I understood the changes correctly, then that a possible upgrade path from 1.3.0 to 2.0.0 is quite breaking (?).

We have a plan to create a migration procedure and it will be possible to migrate from v1.x to v2.x.

Nice! Thanks for the links. I’ll come back with feedback!

Just a heads up. I like your operator improvements!

I’m trying to figure out, how you restructured your CRDs, which is obvious, but there are just some background infos i’m missing.

I tested the s3-backup strategies and new cluster creation with existing backups and it works like a charm. The change to statefulsets with instance-management instead of replica-management is also awesome.

i’m not fully through the global-configs vs. specific configs; they seem not quite connected. Still working on my knowledge for that. :smiley:

i’m sitting on some migration ideas, as you change from to but all in all, i can see some solutions already.

Happy to share my insights, if you like!

Not work as describe in manual

Install Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL using Helm

helm install my-operator percona/pg-operator --version 2.0.0
Error: INSTALLATION FAILED: chart “pg-operator” matching 2.0.0 not found in percona index. (try ‘helm repo update’): no chart version found for pg-operator-2.0.0

If install on minicube as:

Install Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL on Kubernetes

orbit@orbit-dp pgo_v2]$ kubectl apply -f deploy/bundle.yaml configured
Warning: resource customresourcedefinitions/ is missing the annotation which is required by kubectl apply. kubectl apply should only be used on resources created declaratively by either kubectl create --save-config or kubectl apply. The missing annotation will be patched automatically. configured
serviceaccount/percona-postgresql-operator created created created
deployment.apps/percona-postgresql-operator created
Error from server (Invalid): error when applying patch:

and at end

Resource: ", Resource=customresourcedefinitions", GroupVersionKind: ", Kind=CustomResourceDefinition"
Name: "", Namespace: ""
for: "deploy/bundle.yaml": error when patching "deploy/bundle.yaml": "" is invalid: [metadata.annotations: Too long: must have at most 262144 bytes, status.storedVersions[0]: Invalid value: "v1": must appear in spec.versions]
Error from server (Invalid): error when creating "deploy/bundle.yaml": "" is invalid: metadata.annotations: Too long: must have at most 262144 bytes
[orbit@orbit-dp pgo_v2]$ kubectl -n postgres-operator get po
NAME                                           READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
percona-postgresql-operator-66d787fcc4-hvlb4   1/1     Running   0          80s

Regarding my two posts above - there is a solution)

I’m sorry

I tried to act as described in the file.
This works to run and get the first view.