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Hi Team, i am monitoring postgresql database using pmm. I have installed all requirement based on the document but in example tab i am not getting any information when I run the query several times.
Screenshot 2023-08-15 at 16.27.15
what should i do to fix this?

I’m using pg_stat_monitor

thank you

@Rizky_Nur_Zhafirah , are you using the Percona Distributions for PostgreSQL or adding pg_stat_monitor on top of the community version of PG?
What are the settings of PG_stat_monitor in your cases, and can you check agents (on the service page) related to the Service - what agents are running?
As its very strange if you have other data for queries and no queries. It might be pg_stat_statement used in this case.

Hi Roma,

I’m installing Percona Monitoring and Management via Setting up - Percona Monitoring and Management

I have both the pg_stat_statement and pg_stat_monitor in my db. pg_stat_statement already exist in my db before i install percona. install and configure pg_stat_monitor via this link Install - pg_stat_monitor Documentation

Is this the agent you mean?

How can i know if my PMM used pg_stat_monitor or pg_stat_statement?

Thanks in advance

@Rizky_Nur_Zhafirah yes, it looks like you have everything installed and running correctly, so this is some PMM-related bug (maybe frontEnd-related)
Can you submit a bug to jira.percona.com so our support/engineering team will do a closer look?