Relation "pg_stat_monitor_settings" already exists

Hi, I have postgresql 15. Than I entegrated Pmm-Client this postgresql. After some minutes it gives this error message

In every one minutes it gives this error message in this path.

tail -f /var/log/postgresql/postgresql-15-main.log
pmm@postgres ERROR: relation “pg_stat_monitor_settings” already exists

How can I fix this problem?

Hi HKN_MZ, please could you give a few more details? Your version of PMM server, version of PMM client and in ideal case pg_stat_monitor version (it should be enough to run query: “SELECT pg_stat_monitor_version();” in your PG). Is your query source pg_stat_monitor? Thank you.

Also please try remove settings view manually. PMM will create it automatically.

@Jiri_Ctvrtka, is it safe to assume this problem will disappear with [PMM-11938] PMM client continuously tries to create pg_stat_montior_settings view. - Percona JIRA and PMM being upgraded o 2.38 when it’s released?

@Roma_Novikov Yes. Fix now waiting to be released in 2.38.

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