Pmm backup issue


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Log that occurs during full backup from pm to minio.
It worked well before, but it’s not working because there’s an error all of a sudden.
xbcloud: Probe failed. Please check your credentials and endpoint settings.
There is an error like the above, and the minio server and the pm server are working well.

The minio access token and the secret token are also matched, and they are still in normal condition when tested in pmm storage locations.

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pmm version 2.40.1
xtrabackup version 8.0.34-29 based on MySQL server 8.0.34 Linux


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Hi, as far as I see it couldn’t resolve hostname. Could you check if minio host accessable from PMM Client instance?

Thank you for your response.
PMM and minio can communicate with each other.

The error ‘couldn’t save hostname’ occurred before, but the backup went well regardless of the error.
Is there any other reason to guess?