Xbcloud with google storage

Hi, im trying to get backup from Google Storage

I’ve created backup using google-access-key and google-secret-key
everything worked as expected

when I’ve tried to restore backup using following script

xbcloud get 2023-11-22-full_backup-2 \
--storage=google \
--google-endpoint='storage.googleapis.com' \
--google-bucket='rtr-backups/' \
--google-access-key='GOOG1EJQ7EUYN44N........W2DA' \
--google-secret-key='4Nl+3Z8CZsT9cT/73.........lpf3s' \
--google-region='us-central2-a' \
--parallel=10  | xbstream -x -C /data/restore --parallel=8

got an error message

error: http request failed: Couldn’t resolve host name
231122 19:16:26 xbcloud: Probe failed. Please check your credentials and endpoint settings.

access and secred keya are identical for backup and restore commands

any thoughts/suggestions ?

Can you run xbcloud on its own without the pipe to xbstream? Does that work? The error says “cannot resolve hostname” which is usually a DNS issue.