Pmm grafana UI backup internal error


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using grafana UI, i want to create a back up, but inernal server error
help me

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Hello @pmmChobo , can you please check pmm-managed log file for errors? It’s /srv/logs/pmm-managed.log inside PMM server container.

Hello @artem_gavrilov, Thank you for your help
i forgot check pmm server log, thanks to you i checked it

this log is when i do on demand backup

My guess is that pmm-server and pmm-client are not finding xtrabackup.
I think I need to set it up so that they can find xtrabackup, but I’m not sure where to set this up.

thanks again for the help

this log is when i do schedule backup

xtrabackup is already installed in pmm-server and pmm-client

and i have this error
i cannot use internet in server

So you have xtrabackup installed on pmm-client side and your backups still failing, am I understood correctly? If so what is the version of xtrabackup and pmm-client?