Pmm xbcloud backup test


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From PMM Server to PMM Client, the data is being backed up normally from PMM Client to S3.
I understand that you use the xbcloud put command when sending Backup data from PMM Client to S3(Minio).
If I try to back up to S3(Minio) using the xbcloud put command directly from the PMM Client server, it won’t back up and I don’t know why.

my command is

xbcloud put --storage=s3 --s3-endpoint=http://[ip]:9000 --s3-access-key=[access-key] --s3-secret-key=[secret-key] --s3-bucket=test /root/test.txt --verbose --insecure

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HTTP/1.1 200 OK

This seems to mean that Backup went well, but no files were uploaded to S3

Hello @pmmChobo,
xbcloud is expected to receive on stdin a stream of data to store into the S3 bucket. If you execute the command by itself, nothing will happen. PMM Backups are executed like this:

xtrabackup --backup --stream ... | xbcloud put ...

You need to execute the same in your testing.