PMM Advisor Check show no check


I’m using PMM 2.28.0, and already adding my instance to the Percona Portal,
last week my PMM dashboard works normal including the Advisor Check.

Unfortunately, on Sunday, the server lost power and got IP change because of the DHCP setting,
but after I setting the IP back to the original one and acccess the PMM dashboard again,
the Advisor Check show nothing and in the All Check tab shows no check founds, although the week before, it showed some warning.
The condition of setting telemetry and advisor check is on.

Any suggestion so it could run normal again?



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Hi Stan,

Can you check if you still have a working outbound internet connection in the PMM server?

You can also download the server logs (in the Settings page, at the right you will see a button for it), and check its outputs for more clues on what may be going on.


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@Agustin_G makes a good point to check. The way Advisors works is that the server periodically checks in with our cloud service to see what checks are available for your entitlement level (anonymous, registered, paid) and pulls them down. Currently they live only in memory (although we’ll be iterating on that in future releases so you can also be adding your own advisors to the application) so when you lost power they have to be re-downloaded.

If you’ve confirmed that your pmm instance can access the internet you can disable adivsors, save, then re-enable advisors and it should re-prompt the download of the latest batch.

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