Need additional information about the Premium Plan

We have a few questions about the Premium Plan.

  1. In order to receive the advanced advisory checks, do we need to grant access to the PMM server? Or tell us how to download the alerts for advisories.

  2. If the answer is yes, can we download the advisory checks without granting access to the PMM server?

  3. How much does the premium plan cost? Please provide more details about the cost. Is it priced per node, or how will that be determined?

Hello @Naresh9999,

  1. As long as your PMM server can reach outbound internet, that’s all that is needed. Nobody from Percona will need to access your PMM server.
  2. See #1
  3. Please reach out to our sales team Sales & General Inquiries - Percona

Hi @matthewb

Thanks for the details. So after we upgrade to the premium plan, the advanced advisory checks will be automatically added to our PMM server? What I mean is that we don’t have to share the PMM server admin credentials to download the advisory check right @matthewb ?

As per our company policies, we can’t give PMM admin user login access or PMM server access. My manager asked me to check more details, which is why I raised a query in the forum.

Hi @Naresh9999 ,

That’s correct, it will be automaticatly added to your PMM, once it is upgraded to premium. You don’t need to share any credentials.
Hope that clears your doubt.


Your PMM needs to be linked to your Percona Platform portal account. That is all. Once the subscription is added to your platform account, PMM will sync the advisors.

Thanks for the details @matthewb and @Parag_Bhayani