PMM don't see new updates


PMM doesn’t seem to be able to gather new updates from internet and thinks that it’s “up to date”. This issue is similar to the one in:

Steps to Reproduce:

When you get to the console, you can see this:




I can see this in the logs:
WARN[2023-11-24T07:01:56.244+00:00] RPC /server.Server/CheckUpdates done in 1.952289375s (quite long). request=599870db-8a97-11ee-922f-0050568ce5f0

Expected Result:

I had updated this in other environments with no issues.

Actual Result:

Can’t auto-update PMM

Additional Information:

Things that I have tried so far are:

  • Asked the Network guys to open ALL ports to the internet (Thanks Denis!)
  • Rebooted PMM appliance many times (it’s not a docker instance).
  • I can ping internet from the actual OS.
  • I have disabled and re-enabled the auto-update in the settings.

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated…

Hi, @Dani_Castellano could you run yum --verbose info updates pmm-managed and share result?
If it’s not a docker instance, is it OVF or AMI?

Thank you

thanks for the reply!
This is an OVF @nurlan.
I’m getting this:

Looking for repo options for [percona]
Repo 'percona' setting option 'enabled' = '1'
Repo 'percona' setting option 'gpgcheck' = '0'
Repo 'percona' setting option 'timeout' = '120'
Yum version: 3.4.3
rpmdb time: 0.000
Building updates object
Setting up Package Sacks
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
pkgsack time: 0.035
up:Obs Init time: 0.407
up:simple updates time: 0.006
up:obs time: 0.004
up:condense time: 0.000
updates time: 0.980
Error: No matching Packages to list

We are getting the updates from a Spacewalk repo. The Percona one is up to date, are we missing any other repo here?

Thanks a lot,