Plugins for Cacti: Follow Symlink doesn't work

Hi there

The function of the “ss_get_mysql_stats.php” for Cacti is perfect, if I speek direct with the PHP-File. When I created a Link and work with this creation , it does not seem to function:

SLES 11> php ss_get_mysql_stats.php
#Output of Usage for PHP-Script

SLES 11> ln -s ss_get_mysql_stats.php symlink.php
SLES 11> php symlink.php
#No Output

No Output, no Errors, nothing… Even when I turned the Debug of the “Percona Monitoring Script” on, there is no output, no file were created…

Normaly, PHP can handle Symlinks, so there seems to be a mistake in the Script, isn’t there?

Thanks, looking for your Answer

I guess the problem is the code on the beginning of the script:

if ( !array_key_exists(‘SCRIPT_FILENAME’, $_SERVER)
|| basename(FILE) == basename($_SERVER[‘SCRIPT_FILENAME’]) ) {