SPINE: ERROR: Empty result : 'ss_get_mysql_stats.php` - 1.1.8

Hi Guys

we’ve installed and configured percona -monitoring-plugins-1.1.8 together with cacti 1.1.36 for monitor MySQL instance in local and remote instances. But it seems like percona mysql monitoring plugin does not work properly.

2018/03/16 07:10:03 - SPINE: Poller[1] Device[1] TH[2] DS[54] SCRIPT: /usr/bin/php -q /usr/share/cacti/site/scripts/ss_get_mysql_stats.php --host ‘localhost’ --items ku,kv,kw --user ‘’ --pass ‘’ --port ‘’ --server-id ‘’, output: U

I’ve properly added mysql username, password in config file according to documentation.

root@monitor:/etc/cacti# cat ss_get_mysql_stats.php.cnf
$mysql_user = “*";
$mysql_pass = "

When I execute the following command manually, it working fine and returns results.

/usr/bin/php -q /usr/share/cacti/site/scripts/ss_get_mysql_stats.php --host ‘localhost’ --items it,iu,iv,iw,iy --user ‘’ --pass '*’ --port ‘3306’ --server-id ‘1’