Can xtrabackup 8.0.27 be used with MySQL 8.0.22

I am currently on xtrabackup 8.0.22-15. I would like to benefit from the recent fixes in xtrabackup and was wondering if the xtrabackup patch version has to correspond 1:1 with the mysql server versions? ie. is it safe to upgrade to xtrabackup 8.0.27 with MySQL Server 8.0.22-13

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Yes, it is safe to use a newer series version of Percona XtraBackup with an older server. On the other hand, you should not try to use a newer version of the server with an older version of Percona XtraBackup. Ideally they should match 1:1 on the newest versions. 8.0.22 is quite old and has has many issues fixed in the months/years that it has been out, you really should consider upgrading to a newer version.

George O. Lorch III
Director of Server Engineering, Percona Server for MySQL, Percona XtraDB Cluster, and Percona XtraBackup


thank you!! This is super helpful and I will go ahead and setup our fleet to run the latest percona backup version (8.0.27) against MySQL server 8.0.22. (And yes will gradually roll out an update to our MySQL server versions as well in future)

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