Percona server for Ubuntu 13.10


Is there any news when can we expect Percona Server for Ubuntu 13.10. This is the only reason i’m not upgrading my Ubuntu 13.04.

Thank you.

Thank you for information. Will check here periodically.

Ubuntu 13.10 daily builds became available to downloading on May 2nd, 2013. Now November 2, 2013 and the Percona still isn’t available… Maybe I misunderstood something and it is already possible to install Percona on Ubuntu 13.10? Thanks.

Is there any news?

If i add this these lines:

deb saucy main
deb-src saucy main


deb raring main
deb-src raring main

to /etc/apt/sources.list in Ubuntu 13.10, it will work? What problems should be expected?

When Ubuntu 13.10 rolled out, i tried saucy lines to sources.list and i got error that package not found. I believe that it will still give that error cause packages are not available yet.

I already started rewriting all applications from Percona on Oracle MySQL, but now I have not enough time to complete to the required date… Will Percona Server is available for Ubuntu 13.10 until November 18? Thanks.

Well this question is for developers. I’m waiting myself for 13.10 version.

My question for TomD :slight_smile:

Hello -

The current Percona Server 5.1/5.5/5.6 sources on Launchpad compile and run on Ubuntu 13.10 just fine. We will package them the next time we make a point release.

As I see, there is interest in packaging the current point releases before our next point releases. I will pass this to our build engineer to consider, but there is no guarantee that this will happen as our resources are limited.

As for Ubuntu 13.10 daily builds becoming available in May, we usually start looking into new platform versions on their first GA releases.



Percona Server packages for Ubuntu 13.10 are built and added to APT main repository.

URLs for manual downloading:…5/LATEST/deb/…6/LATEST/deb/

Thanks, Alexey

Thank you for letting us know. :slight_smile: Now i finally can upgrade my ubuntu.