Packages missing from Percona Server for MySQL apt repository (Debian Stretch)

It appears that the various packages for Percona Server for MySQL (percona-server-*-5.7 and libperconaserverclient20) are missing from the Debian Stretch APT repositories.

I’ve followed the instructions in the install documentation ( to the letter, this has previously worked fine…

This repo (and others) appear to have been updated on 09-May-2019 20:17, the Packages file no longer lists the various server/client packages.

Did I miss something or was the repository updated incorrectly?

Thank you for the heads up on this. You are right, there were issues with packaging last week.
We believe they are all resolved now and should be operating as per normal.
If you find there are issues remaining, please do reply and let us know?
Apologies for any inconvenience!