Percona MySQL 5.6 + XtraBackup + xcloudBinary + S3

I’m considering the following combinations.

DB server: Percona MySQL 5.6
Backup tool: XtraBackup
Transfer tool: xcloud Binary
Storage location: AWS S3

In the above combination, I would like to build it on a private network and transfer it through a proxy from a DB that does not have a route to the Internet.
I couldn’t find an option to set up a proxy with xcloud Binary. Is it possible to transfer using a proxy?

Also, is there any other good way to achieve the above combination?

This version of MySQL has been dead for a very long time. Furthermore, MySQL 5.7 died in Oct’23. You should be using Percona MySQL 8.0, and Xtrabackup 8.0.

The environment variables http_proxy and https_proxy are quite standard. I would export those in the same environment/shell that will run xbcloud and see if that works.

thank you for your reply!

I am currently checking the specifications of XtraBackup with the aim of migrating to Percona MySQL 8.0.
I would like to test whether it can be implemented using standard https_proxy variable :slight_smile:

Looks like xbcloud uses the standard curl library, which fully supports the env variables I mentioned.

Also, for upgrading from 5.6 → 8.0, you should use either mysqldump or mydumper instead of trying to use xtrabackup. A logical dump/restore will be the best way to jump 2 major versions.