Restoring 5.7.31 to 8.0.x MySQL Database using Xtrabackup

I have a 3 server replication of 1 source and 2 read-only replicas running on 5.7.31-log Community. I want to add a new, 3rd read-only replica on mysql v8.0.27 (all ubuntu). I was following a guide using mysqldump and run into an issue. Someone suggested Xtrabackup. Procedure looks straight FWD following this guide:

using mysqldump - MySQL Replication Setup without Downtime | Linux Scripts Hub
xtrabackup -

I guess my first question is the most basic, is a mysqldump backup of v5.7 compatible with v8? Doing a full I do not know. I have done v5.7 backups of selecting out multiple databases and importing them into v8 with success.

Second, can I use a xtrabackup from v5.7 and import it into a v8 mysql, following the procedure above?


Here’s my original Reddit;

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