Issue backing up MySQL 5.7 from a remote server

I’ve poked around on the net for a bit, but not quite sure I understand this one.

So, I have a very sizable MySQL 5.7.18 server (hostname “A”) that I want to back up to S3. However, I want to run the backup process from another server (hostname “B”), which is running xtrabackup 2.4.18. So I was planning on running xtrabackup piped to xbcloud there.

I have a shell script that I’ve put together to do this. However, I keep getting this issue when running it:

InnoDB: Unsupported redo log format. The redo log was created with MySQL 8.0.16. Please follow the instructions at

Of course, that doesn’t initially make sense because the remote MySQL host (“A”) is running MySQL 5.7. Xtrabackup is running on host “B”, but there is actually a MySQL 8 install there. Am I correct in assuming that xtrabackup is trying to use the local MySQL 8 redo logs rather than the remote ones or something?

Is this one of those things where I’ll need to switch this around and have xtrabackup running on “A” and push it to “B”, rather than the other way around?

So in summary, I was trying to do this:

A <-- B --> S3

But perhaps I need to adjust things to do it this way instead:

A -> B -> S3

Perhaps some other approach, such as using netcat to send the backup from “A” to “B”, then xbcloud from there to S3.

Hope that makes sense! Thanks in advance for any guidance or suggestions!

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Percona XtraBackup must run on the same host as the database being backed up. It sounds like you are trying to back it up from a different host.

George O. Lorch III
Director of Server engineering, Percona Server

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