Percona MongoDB Server on AWS Fargate EKS - Assistance with deployment YAML

My name is Sam Navarro and I am an engineer working for a systems integrator on a project for the EPA. We have an AWS EKS Fargate Cluster (Serverless or nodeless) and using the EFS CSI driver for PV’s & PVC’s. I am having difficulties finding a good example for a deployment YAML file that has all the details to create a set of POD’s in a Replica, start the containers and start MongoDB. I just need a little direction and guidance, hopefully a YAML file I can deploy to my namespace where my Percona MongoDB operator is awaiting a successful deployment of a MongoDB Replica mounted on EFS CSI storage. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!

Sam Navarro

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Hi @Samuel_Navarro,

If you have the driver deployed to EKS, the operator should be able to create PVCs. Have you tried regular installation steps? If you have any errors or problems we can help you better.

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Sergy put me on the correct path! Thanks for responding. The issue is that Fargate will NOT work with Percona.

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