Percona backup for mongodb on Azure Kubernetes and store on azure File share blob storage

Hi there,

Is there example yaml files available? I was tying to configure on AKS with Mongo db Community edition.

I have 3 nodes with replicaset running.

so created 3 agents and each pointed to 3 mongo nodes. and one PBM Cli also running.

I am trying to take backup and store it azure storage its failing.

is there any example yaml available to create PMB agent and PBM Cli and Backup script to push the backup azure cloud. My Mongo is running on Azure Kubernetes. i have been trying last few days but no luck. no examples available any where.


Hey @Kannan_Chandrasekara ,

here you can find an example: Remote backup configuration examples - Percona Backup for MongoDB

It is quite standard and straightforward.

Could you please share more details about your configuration? How does your config look like? What is the error that you are seeing?