Percona Backup for Mongodb - Backup of single collection?

I’m new to percona backup for Mongodb and performs backup and restore successfully using the tools, thanks you for this. I was here cause i seen nothing about it on the documentation, but does Pbm allows to performs restore of a single collection ?

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Hi. No, PBM does not perform restores (or backups) of single collections.

It’s under consideration to do this, but it would require doing ‘surgery’ on just part of the sharding metadata in the config db. Restoring the whole state of a sharded cluster is simpler.

If you are not using a sharded cluster, or the sharded cluster is only 2 or 3 shards, I recommend using -d and -c with mongodump and/or mongorestore. As it connects directly to the primary (in a non-sharded replica set) or via a mongos it sees the cluster as if it were a single node, making it simple. If you aren’t reinserting to many shards the lack of parallelization won’t be too bad.

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Hi, Thanks you for your great answer and the time for this.