How to restore a backup to a new cluster using pbm exactly?

  • I am facing a question about how to restore backups from pbm, as no steps listed in the Doc, but only some cautions there.

    Here i already have some tries, and list steps below. If there’s anything wrong, please point them out.

    Already have pbm backups which taken on sharded cluster, and they are all valid.

  • Set up a new cluster, and start up ppm-agent for each mongod instance. And config the local backup path into the new cluster. -- Maybe here there is a mistaken op.
  • Because I cannot list the backups using the new cluster URI, so I restore the backup file of config server into the new env manually. Here are the commands I used:

mongorestore --host --port 10011 --archive=2020-12-17T05:50:43Z_configRepl.dump.gz --gzip

mkdir ./dump

mongorestore --host --port 10011 --oplogReplay --oplogFile=2020-12-17T05:50:43Z_configRepl.oplog.gz --gzip

  • After the restoration, the collection of 'pbmBackups' restores, but the backup status is under 'running'. I tried to find the oplog content in the backup, and from the new env, by checking the, there are no ops which update the status of backup.
  • In order to recover , i update the doc in pbmBackups, using file '2020-12-17T05:50:43Z.pbm.json'. And the recovery finish with no errors.

Here are all steps i tries. Maybe there are some mistakes, Please let me know. Thanks in advance.

Hi, I suggest you check out

Thanks so much. This is exactly what i looking for. ~~