Percona for single server

I’m test driving percona backup for mongodb for a single server (so, no replicaset in connection URI), but I get an error message:
Error starting backup: no confirmation that backup has successfully started. Replsets status:<no replset has started backup>What is the right way to backup a single server?

Hi @dgoguet PBM works only with MongoDB sharded clusters and replica sets. There is no oplog on non-replicated setups, therefore, no chance to guarantee a backup consistency. You can run PBM on a single server but that should be a single-node replicaset.

Hi, @AndrewPogrebnoi
I’m trying to backup a database from a container, I’ve the same error, how could I make it work?  :confused:

Error starting backup: no confirmation that backup has successfully started. Replsets status: &lt;no replset has started backup&gt;

Hi @csilva

Could you provide more context please:
1. What pbm version do you use?
2. Mongo cluster topology  -is it replicaset or sharded cluster?
3. What do you mean by backup a database from a container? What exactly do you have in a container - pbm, pbm-agents, mongo, all together? 
4. What do you have in pbm-agents’ logs?

I’m using version 1.2.0, It’s running in kubernetes, I have only one instance of MongoDB and I’m trying to backup what is storing that instance. My  pbm instance is running in other container in kubernetes, and in my logs I’ve got this:

2020/07/23 15:14:08 [ERROR] backup: node check: mongod node can not be used to fetch a consistent backup because it has
no oplog. Please restart it as a primary in a single-node replicaset to make it compatible with PBM’s backup method usin
g the oplog

Ok, got it. PBM doesn’t support non replicated environments and there is no way to make it does. It is a design constraint. You can use PBM with a single-node replicaset though. Just restart your node as a primary in a single-node replicaset as the error message suggests.
Or you can use mongodump ( to backup a standalone node.