Not able to receive mails when configured via Integrated alert monitoring

Hi Team,

We are using PMM2 Version 2.18.0 , however when configure integrated alert monitoring to receive alerts , we didn’t receive any mail

MySQL too many connections => Please find attached

Hi @phani_g,

We have got a blog post with all commands for setting up Email in PMM2

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Hi Advinho,

Please note that is for sending alerts via normal alert rules , which i configured and i am able to receive, my question here is about the new integrated alerting

The web page shows that this feature is in technical preview ,does that mean we can only use if full functionality only after its GA ??

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Hi, have you configured email server address in Settings → Communication? check out MongoDB Integrated Alerting in Percona Monitoring and Management - Percona Database Performance Blog for more details. Even though the article is aimed at MongoDB, the email part should apply to you as well

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