Integrated Alerting in PMM

I have setup couple of mongodb in-built alert rules for testing.
Even after setting the lowest threshold and time interval i don’t see the alerts triggered.

I checked the usage of the memory and it’s above the threshold that i have set.

Am i missing something here ?

Hi @velumal

Could you check if used queries are really hit thresholds?
You can just copy query and place it into Explore.

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Thanks @adivinho . Placing the query in the explorer helped me to idenitfy the right values and update the thresholds accordingly. alerts were triggered as per the condition.

However, the email notification is not working.

I have added the email notification in the rules that i have configured. But i am not getting the email alerts to my inbox from Percona.

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Here is a blog post of how to setting up email in PMM2.

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