Percona Monitoring - Telegram Alerting

Hi Team,
I’ve configured Pmm-Server & added several MySQL database into PMM2 dashboard. Now want to configure/enable alterting in PMM-server.

I’ve configurated a telegram notification channel(successfully tested this channel & it’s working) but unable to configure alert & sent alert notification through newly configured telegram notification channel.


Hello Ferdous,

For PMM alerting, there are other steps to perform in addition to creating the notification channel; you can view the steps here - Percona Monitoring and Management well, can you be more specific when you say “unable to configure alert and send alert notification”…are you configured for email alert (it could also be slack or pager)? Is the alert being generated in PMM but not being received by the recipient? If it is indeed being generated in PMM but not received, some email systems require you to register the app with password (like gmail)…Have you performed all the steps, end to end, as per the docs? On the docs page URL there is also a quick demo on how to setup/enabling alerts.


Hi Harry,
Thanks for your time, finally able to configure telegram alerting in PMM2.


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Great news Ferdous!..I hope I was able to help. Regs, Harry

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