How is PMM2 gathering information on table size?

Apologies if my terminology is a bit incorrect, I’m not coming from a DBA background. I’m curious how PMM2 is getting metrics on Table size (I’m specifically looking at the “MySQL Table Details” default dashboard), since we were looking at creating reports and alerts on the data.

The reasoning for the question: Currently we are getting this data by running an “analyze table” which is apparently so slow and taxing on the db servers that we have to wait until off hours on a weekend to do it (so only 1 datapoint per week). So, if PMM is able to accomplish this more efficiently, or more frequently, it might be desirable to switch to that method and use the built-in Grafana/Prometheus to do the reporting/alerting.

What MySQL version are you running and how many tables do you have ?

PMM Queries data from Information Schema which is not as slow but may not be super fast either depending on MySQL version and configuration

We are running v5.7.28 and have about 2400 tables on a db give or take.

Hey, catching back up on this one, I kind of forgot about it. The DBA was curious if it was information_schema.tables or information_schema.INNODB_SYS_TABLESPACES?

@Peter I realize this is a bit old, any chance you could answer my last question?

@Jeff_K we get data from information_schema.tables.