Not Getting Data in Mysql "Table details"


I am facing difficulty retrieving data from the MySQL table labeled “Table Details.” I have attached screenshots illustrating the problem for your reference. Your assistance in resolving this matter would be highly appreciated.

Hi Rajesh,

Table statistics collection is disabled if there are more than 1000 tables.
Could you try to increase this limit?

pmm-admin add mysql --disable-tablestats-limit=5000 ...
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Hi Vadim,

Thank you for your reply. where can I run this query in pmm server or client?
To run it on the client. I got the below result.

[root@Non-Prod ~]# pmm-admin add mysql --disable-tablestats-limit=5000
Service with name “Non-Prod-mysql” already exists.

Please remove this service from monitoring and then add it again with the additional flag.

pmm-admin remove mysql Non-Prod-mysql

Be aware that collecting stats/data on 5000 tables may cause performance issues. This is why we limit it to 1000 by default.

ok Thank you matthewb

Thank you Vadim this help me.