Monitoring RDS Instances

Can you please explain as how to install pmm-client on RDS instaces to start monitoring. I am following the documentation here >> [url][/url]
but am not sure how to install the client and thereby use the pmm-admin tool to add instances for monitoring.


[url]Percona Monitoring and Management (see Installing PMM Client).

I have installed PMM clients on linux machines and it is working fine. What I want to know is, how to install the PMM client on a RDS instance as you are only given MySQL access to these RDS instances? Can I use the PMM-client installed on one of the linux machines to add monitoring instances for RDS instance? Also, can I use the pmm-client installed one machine to configure monitoring for another machine.

For e.g: I have to MySQL servers running on machines A and B. I have installed the pmm-client on machine A, but not on B. Since I installed the pmm-client on machine A, I have the pmm-admin tool available on this machine. Now, can I use this pmm-admin tool to bring changes to monitoring on machine B, like, can I use a command like this on machine A, “sudo pmm-admin add os machineB”

You can still monitor remote machines but only for MySQL and MongoDB metrics, and MySQL queries from perfschema query source. You cannot monitor OS (system) metrics from remote machines because the exporter for those metrics needs to access the system files on the local filesystem.

In terms of RDS, you can monitor only MySQL metrics and queries from it as this is a remote machine. No OS metrics currectly available. However, we plan to add CloudWatch support for RDS and pull some system metrics related to RDS in the future.