Monitoring of RDS DB via a standalone pmm-client?


is it possible to collect RDS DB metrics from an instance with a running pmm-client (performing like an agent or a kind of proxy) and not directly from PMM server?

Our PMM server has no direct access to Amazon RDS due to security restrictions and we don’t want to install PMM server in AWS. We thought of using a pmm-client installed on an Amazon VM and pushing metrics back to PMM server.

Any suggestions?..

Sure! That’d be considered an external exporter so you could run the rds_exporter in standalone mode (it’s in the pmm client package or can be downloaded from GitHub) on an ec2 instance and let your pmm server scrape metrics that way (configured through PMM gui but pmm server needs to be able initiate the tcp connection to the exporter/ec2 instance).

If you want push metrics (client needs to initiate tcp connection to pmm server) I think you can do it by installing the client and registering it to pmm from the ec2 instance, configure the local RDS exporter to scrape your RDS db(s) and then register an external exporter against the pmm client which will scrape locally and push the metrics to pmm server. (pmm-admin add external —help)

Hope that gets you in the right direction.


Thank you for the prompt reply! This is exactly what we are looking for, will give it a try!


Hello Steve,

one more question please:

actually, I was able to access the RDS DB metrics from an agent node by registering mysql role with ‘pmm-admin add mysql …’ directive, but I’m still in doubt about the rds_exporter metrics.

The manual states that:

General system metrics are monitored by using the rds_exporter Prometheus exporter which replaces node_exporter. rds_exporter gives acces to Amazon Cloudwatch metrics

But I can’t find a way to add an rds_exporter role with pmm-admin utility. Do I misunderstand something?..

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