Mongodb_exporter is exporting to prometheus, but no grafana dashboards available on grafana website

So we’ve set up v0.39.0 mongo_exporter on a MongoDB installation (not Percona’s build).
It’s exporting to prometheus, but there are no pages that work on the grafana dashboard portal that work.
I see there are some in the github pages but you can’t import these correctly as you just paste in the JSON dashboard, and not import it where it asks for a Prometheus data source.
Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Ben,

Here are MongoDB dashboards that are used in the latest PMM installation.

Hi Vadim

I did find that earlier, but none of the dashboards work.

I import a dashboard by pasting into the Import page in grafana, but it doesn’t ask which Data Source to use so I hacw to update them all, but Panels don’t work when changing from “-- Grafana --” to “Prometheus”.

  1. I try and update the 1st variable ‘cluster’ Data Source from ‘Metrics - not found’ to my Prometheus Data Source and it complains “Failed to upgrade legacy queries Datasource Metrics was not found”.
  2. It doesn’t like ‘cluster’ as the Label so I changed it to ‘instance’ and it finds my instances.
  3. I get the error “Panel plugin not found: grafana-polystat-panel”.
  4. I get the error “Panel plugin not found: natel-discrete-panel”

I’m running Grafana v10.0.0.

Regards, Ben

Our dashboards are very PMM-specific. You might have to do some work to make them Grafana v10 compatible. PMM uses Grafana v9.2.

I would suggest you set up PMM and verify everything works first before attempting to use PMM-specific dashboards in a non-PMM setup.

Hi Ben,

We have got a script that replaces PMM2 labels (node_name, service_name) with default labels (instance). Please notice that it wasn’t tested with the latest Grafana.

Also here links to panels that are missed in your installation.

Hi, I’ve installed the 2 panels, run the converter against the json file and imported it.
However, all panels are showing as “-- Grafana --” and “Random Walk”.

Could these be available on the Grafana Dashboards page using an ID ?