Metrics from mongodb_exporter do not work with grafana-dashboards

I’m testing deploying the mongodb_exporter from GitHub - percona/mongodb_exporter: A Prometheus exporter for MongoDB including sharding, replication and storage engines on MongoDB 7 replicaset cluster. The exporter is deployed with the flags --collect-all --discovering-mode --compatible-mode . The metrics are then scraped by Prometheus instance. To visualize the metrics, I pulled down the latest master branch of GitHub - percona/grafana-dashboards: PMM dashboards for database monitoring. Using the Python script , I was able to convert the MongoDB dashboards to use with external instance of Grafana. However, after importing the dashboards, most of the graphs are empty. In checking the variables and metrics the graphs are using, most of which are not found in the metrics presented by the mongodb_exporter. What exactly am I missing here?

Hey @Jimmy_Chen,

as these dashboards are used in PMM, we might be shipping some additional metrics with it.
But I would love our PMM/exporters experts to chime in. @Roma_Novikov thoughts?

Hi @Sergey_Pronin. My understanding is that the Python script is supposed to export the dashboard JSON for us with non-PMM installation of Grafana, and it compatible with the mongodb_exporter. I found issues on GitHub indicating it is the right dashboard to use Dashboards · Issue #472 · percona/mongodb_exporter · GitHub, and no dashboard? · Issue #642 · percona/mongodb_exporter · GitHub.

Hey @Jimmy_Chen,
The script you are referring to is an unsupported/miscellaneous tool that has not been updated in 2-3 years, and has the following warning at the top: grafana-dashboards/misc/ at main · percona/grafana-dashboards · GitHub

You should be able to use your Grafana explorer to find the variable names and then edit the panel JSON manually to fix them.