Empty grafana dashboard: docker mongodb exporter

I’ve started percona mongodb prometheus exporter using docker image:

docker container run -d -p 9216:9216 -p 17001:17001 \
  --name percona percona/mongodb_exporter:0.30.0 \
  --mongodb.uri=mongodb://mongodb_exporter:password@ \

After that, I’ve configured my prometheus in order to recollect metrics from percona exporter:

  - job_name: 'percona_exporter'
    scrape_interval: 5s
        - targets: ['']

Prometheus target is up and running.

I’m able to see generated metrics on prometheus metrics explorer:


I’m imported Grafana MongoDb Percona Dashboard into my grafana.

Nevertheless, nothing is shown:

I don’t quite figure out what I’m doing wrong.

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Hi Jordi,

You should take a dashboard from “main” branch.

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Thanks adivinho.

Some data is shown now.

Nevertheless, I’m getting this message from grafana:

Do you know anything about it?

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Some variables can’t be assigned because you don’t have datasource Metrics in your installation.

You may set the correct datasource for variables in dashboard settings.

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