Missing my.cnf in default install

Later I have installed several PXC in several different env’s and OS.
In each installation it always installs default my.cnf to easy modifying and tuning. And it work as expected.
But from now I was wondering about missed my.cnf in clean install

Percona Team, you OK?

Was the my.cnf file there at /etc before the setup? Are you setting PXC up using RPM packages?

No, there is no /etc/mysql/my.cnf before setup. I install from deb packages.
But if I install percona-server-server-5.6, my.cnf file is installed with standalone server.

I have the same - no my.cnf at all.
I have installed XtraDB cluster on clean Ubuntu server 12.04.5 with app armor disabled. Exactly the way described in Percona paper. I repeated this 2 times to be sure I didn’t do any mistake and it’s all the same. No my.cnf. The mysql server is working though.
What’s wrong?

OK I believe I have the answer to this problem. Shame that the question was ignored by Percona specialists.
Anyway - the lack of my.cnf is an official Percona politics. You have to make the file by yourself.
See this: