Installation and my.conf location


I am trying to install xtradb cluster for the first time, in Ubuntu. I have ran the folloiwng commands:

I need to create a my.conf file, but I’m not sure where to find the mysql directory.

I have not installed MySQL but according to one of the following links,
we need to create it in

Do I need to install MySQL first so that this directory exists already, or should I just create
the missing directory and then create the my.conf file in there?…ntu_howto.html…l#installation

Thank you


You don’t have to install Oracle’s MySQL to have this directory or the configuration file, if for some reason /etc/mysql directory or /etc/mysql/my.cnf is not found you may be able to create it without any problems.

You may use the sample my.cnf here -, or here Just make sure to change the parameters that would fit your test cluster.

You may also read the blogpost by Jay Janssen below:

Shameless plug of my blogpost (just skip through Docker specific commands)

Or if you’re like me who prefers watching a video, then you can visit this link to watch a recorded webinar presented by Peter Boros: