migrating to Percona Cluster 5.5.24


at the moment we have alomost 50GB database, that works on Mysql 5.1.52 (MyISAM). We have one master and one slave (binlog_format=MIXED).

Some times ago we have decided to migrate to the percona cluster, as we are tired of the instability and we are fed up with the complexity of the recovery of current solution.

so my question is

How we can easy migrate to percona cluster without downtime or with minimal downtime as much as possible?
Can you share your thoughts or recipes?

thanks in advance

sorry my english


Note that for best results you need to have primary keys on every table.

Technically you can minimize downtime even further, by initializing the cluster from slave and then catching up from master (Galera cluster can work as MySQL slave), but that will require a bit of binlog position kungfu and STATEMENT binlog format.


Is there any docs/faqs how to set it up?


In other words, Galera cluster won’t understand MIXED/ROW?
Any possible workaround?
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