Moving from "1 Master to 2 Slaves" Replication to Percona Cluster


I installed MySQL 5.7 on Ubuntu 16.04 via apt and created a Database for our Developers. Now i added 2 Slaves to that Master DB Server in the hope that i can migrate these 3 Servers to a Percona Cluster.

What i did is:
Installing 3 Servers Ubuntu 126.04 and MySQL 5.7 Server via apt from the Ubuntu Sources.
Created one Master and 2 Slaves Replication (wich is working fine)
On 3rd. Server uninstalled mysql 5.7 server and backed up /var/lib/mysql folder as well as /etc/mysql/mysql.conf.d/mysqld.cnf
added percona Sources to apt like in this How-To:
try to install percona xtradb cluster server via apt. But that ended in an error and xtradb server could not be installed.

Is there a How-To or some more information on how to move from standard MySQL 5.7 Server (with slaves) to a Percona Cluster?



I presume you got it pxc cluster working as per this thread.

I have a clean installation of Percona Cluster running, but my new task is now to migrate from MySQL Master with 2 Slaves to Percona Xtra DB Cluster.

There are multiple options. You probably get in touch with Percona consulting they can help you migrate in safer and quicker way.

Here is a process that generally is a way to go:

  • You can configure PXC cluster to act as async slave and let it replicate from the master (through async replication).

  • Once PXC server has caught up with MASTER and then replication lag is down to 0, you can then simply switch over your application to use PXC cluster and turn-off existing MASTER and slave.

So there is no way to turn a MySQL 5.7 from Ubuntu Repositories into i Cluster?
Do i understand you correct:

  • create a new Cluster with 3 Nodes
  • add one Node as Slave to the Master
  • when Slave caugth up with master change Application access from Master to Cluster

That sounds like a simple thing to do.

One possible Scenario for me would also be to just “copy” the Data from Singel MySQL Server to the Cluster, but i had my problems coping the data from the master to a Percona Cluster Server. What would be the best way to… lets say “dump” the data from the Master to a working PXC? (mysqldump didnt do what i wanted it to do, iirc)

No Suggestions on my Question on how to just copy the data?