Replicate PXC from MySQL 5.5 Master?

Hi, we are currently investigating moving our current MySQL 5.5 Master > 3 x Slaves (with Statement Based Replication, apx 250GB data and growing) to a HA clustering option. We have ruled out MySQL ndb Cluster as it would require too many changes to our current database structure (large number of BLOB fields amongst others).

We would want to start off by setting the Cluster up as a Slave to the main Master (for testing etc), before moving over to the Cluster as our Primary system in the future. Is this possible with Percona Xtra DB Cluster, and is it a relatively straight forward process?


What you’re describing is indeed possible and straight forward. You would configure one of the Percona Units as a slave to your current master. You’d bootstrap Percona-Cluster from that unit. You’d then start the other units.
Just make sure you’re not using MyISAM tables, and preferably set binlog format on your old master to ‘MIXED’.