Grafana MongoDB Dashboards to match with mongodb-exporter

What version exporter of Percona - MongoDB-Prometheus should be used with Latest Grafana MongoDB Dashboards???
As it seems the latest Percona exporter doesn’t match the latest Dashboards from Git.

Thanks much, Oded.

Hi Oded,

Please use brunch “release-0.20.5” for exporter.

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thanks for your update.

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Hi @Vadim_Yalovets,
I have tried using release v0.20.5 and the metric name doesn’t seem to be compatible with the dashboard, can you please help?


Could you try to use the latest exporter version?

If metrics are still not there you may create an issue for this repo.

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@Lokeshwaran_K If v0.32.0 works for you or not - please update.

Thanks, Oded.

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Hi there,

I’m in the exact same situation. The new metrics have the pattern “mongodb_ss_" but I can’t find the right dashboard with it. I was using MongoDB | Grafana Labs until now and was very happy with it. Unfortunately I can’t find the updated version with the "mongodb_ss_” metrics.
I’m using mongodb_exporter:0.20.9

I am also aware of the ‘–compatible-mode’ but that doesn’t seem to work with mongodb 5.0

So in short: Where do I find the latest dashboard?

Best regards,

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Hi Alecati,

Such metrics are used in next dashboards

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