limit view user for only some servers.

Hi all,

I have several servers on monitoring.

I have created a user with viewer permissions however I would like this user to see only the graphics of some servers and not all (for example two server of ten).

Is it possible to bind a user to view only some servers?

I use PMM 2.10.1 under Docker environment.





I also have the same need!



  • Hi Nicola and Stefano,

    It’s an achievable but slightly complicated task.

    Here is a step-by-step instruction:

    Create users with “viewer” role.

  • Create folders for each team refer to allowed servers list.
  • Make copies of required dashboards to these folders.
  • Limit access to folders for some users only. Also default access for viewer has to be removed.
  • Remove access for viewers for original dashboards.
  • Limit node selectors to allowed servers only on each dashboard in team folders. (e.g. /server1|server2|server3|pmm-server/)

thanks, i managed to create the dashboard and everything worked for me.

But now I have another problem, I have to make the “query analytics” tab show me only the nodes I want, I made a copy of “query analytics” in the team folder I am interested in I created the link from the query dashboard analytics that I have duplicated and tried to limit the nodes I would like to show as done on the dashboard, but this time it doesn’t work, it always shows me all the nodes.

How can I solve?

Thank you

Sad to say but the trick with variables isn’t working for QAN.