Access Role to only specific MySQL dashboard

Hi All,

We would like to create a specific access role to only specific dash board like only MySQL dashboard, and rest of the dashboards folders(PostgreSQL/MongoDB…etc) should be hide.

Hello @Naresh9999,

I suggest checking out Grafana way or trying out the Access Control feature. If you decide to use the Access Control feature, you can use the label “service_type = mysql” to obtain MySQL-specific metrics exclusively.

Please share your feedback with us on how these options work out for you.

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Hi @Roma_Novikov ,

I have implemented the Label Access Method for Access Control, and it is functioning correctly. Now, the specific user can exclusively view the service type labeled as mysql. Thank you

Here is my Question,

How can I hide a custom dashboard from a specific user in PMM?

Let’s consider an example where I have a custom dashboard called “MySQL Internal Monitoring” which include node and mysql metrics and three users: admin, internal_mon, and external_mon. I want to restrict access to the custom dashboard and only show it to the internal_mon user.